Monday, 19 January 2015

Dark Chocolate Walnut Fudge

Fudge is so yum, it's the devil's food I say. Something so tiny and delicious can be so evil, who would think? But they make such great gifts, especially when the holidays are coming up and everyone is on a sugar high. 

The BEST BEST Fudge in the world is at the Fudge Kitchen  opposite the Roman Bath in Bath UK. I came across this place by mistake. My husband and I had gone to Bath for a day, it's my favourite city in the UK outside London. When we stepped out of the Roman Bath we came across the Fudge Kitchen purely by accident and what a great accident it was. It's a small cosy shop, with lovely friendly staff offering you all kinds of flavours to try before you make your purchase. The fudge pieces are HUGE, DELICIOUS and reasonably priced. It checks all the boxes for me on going back there. So if you're ever in Bath please do visit the Fudge Kitchen, you won't regret it. I had to share this, I can't think of Fudge without thinking of the Fudge Kitchen. 

I doubt my Fudge comes close to the Fudge Kitchen, but I'd like to believe it's still good:) You can't really go wrong with Fudge, it's one of those super simple, easy peasy things to make which get lots of rave reviews. So when my entire team was traveling to India for business and I was staying back (long story on why I didn't go), I decided to send across a box of Fudge to the team based in India. They hardly get to taste any of the baked goodies I make - we just don't meet often enough. - especially with the World so digitally compatible now, traveling is hardly every justified.  I wanted to send something easy to carry on flight, and something that would survive the transit and over head compartment and change in temperature. I took a risk with choosing Fudge, but it seemed to work out fine. 

These little mouthfuls of delight were a hit. 

350g Dark Chocolate 
1 can Condensed Milk 
1 Cup Walnuts - chopped 
1 tsp Vanilla essence 

Makes 48 bite size pieces 

  1. Chop all the chocolate into small pieces and put into a saucepan with medium to low heat
  2. Add Condensed Milk and let the chocolate and Condensed milk warm through, melt and combine and then take off the heat 
  3. Add vanilla essence, stir 
  4. Add chopped walnuts and stir through to combine 
  5. Line an 8x8 square pan with parchment paper, pour the fudge into the pan and pop into the freezer over night or minimum of 2 hours 
  6. Once set, cut into bite size pieces 

Melt Chocolate and condensed milk

Add vanilla essence and walnuts  
Spread in an 8x8 square pan and freeze to set

Cut into bit size pieces and serve